The Chicago Chronicles – Day 6 and 7 – May 28-29, 2017

What a day. I start of by walking around the city and heading over the museum of contemporary art. I get free admission thanks to my friend, who worked at a sister gallery. I really like this museum. They have Riot Girrrl art, which I’m all about, and some nice modern pieces. I have a really good time here.


I then stop for Korean tacos. I was excited when I heard about the place but it was a little disappointing. It was basically Korean meat in a taco. Problem was that I had better Korean BBQ and better tacos. No worries.

I then take the metro to the Art Institute of Chicago, the city’s most famous museum. They have many famous paintings here like nighthawks and the famous Seurat one [there is a picture somewhere on this post]. I really like the Hellenistic vases, contemporary art, and modern art. It’s all really cool. This museum is high. I literally did not have time to see everything and I was there for over 3 hours! I literally got lost several times. Just when you think you are done with a section of the museum, a wild art exhibit appears.

Any ways I finish that and go back to the hotel and rest. Then I head over to a ramen place and it is packed. I still can’t get over how much nightlife there is in this city. The ramen was not that great to be honest, but they had this black sesame ice cream and that was bomb.

This is the penultimate day of my Chicago story. I think I might miss this place just a little.



Last Day


Damn. Last day in Chicago besides my flight tomorrow. Damn. So quick. Who knows when I will be back.

Don’t do much today. I go to the River Walk which is really nice. I forgot it was memorial day. There is a Vietnam Veterans Against War event which I go see. I’s very moving. At the end we take flowers and throw them in the river in honor of those who died in a struggle, any struggle.

I then get lunch at Shake Shack, which is alright. And then end the night with a comedy show at The Second City which is hilarious. I would love to see more of these types of shows in my local area. I will have to do some research.

Anyway, farewell Chicago. It was nice.

The Chicago Chronicles – Day 5 – May 27, 2017

All of the baseball today. I start of by having a nice banana bread french toast at a cafe.


Then I go to see a White Sox game. They are playing the Tigers. It’s a double header because of rain delays the day before. It’s a lot of baseball. And to be honest, it’s the first time I have been bored at a baseball game. The Sox won the first game and the Tigers won the second. Both games were slow and in the second games there seemed to be more Tigers fans that Sox fans. I literally heard a Tigers chant louder than the Sox – that must be disheartening for the Sox players. The problem was that I was indifferent to both teams and since I was by myself, I had no one to talk to about anything. At least I had my headphones. I also end the day with baseball, happily watching the Dodgers beat down the Cubs.


I finish my Chicago deep dish which is very good. Before I headed back to the hotel I also stopped to get some famous Chicago popcorn at Garrett. It’s really good!

Also the nightlife here is amazing. So many restaurants and bars, this is a cool city. Also the public transportation here is amazing. It’s well designed for cars, walkers, and public transportation takers. Too many restaurants, not enough time.

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to seeing museums.

The Chicago Chronicles – Day 4 – May 26, 2017

First thing I do is catch a train to downtown. I check in to my hotel and they are super friendly. The room is nice enough. I then go to get Chicago deep dish. Damn that stuff is heavy. It took an hour to make and it was not bad at all. However, I only finished half as it was so heavy.


I then kind of just hang out in the room and try to plan for the future. I watch an episode of Black Mirror and catch up on some other stuff.

At night I go to another arcade bar. This place is packed and seems awesome. All the games are free! I get a non alcoholic beer and a banh mi sandwich that is okay. I play frogger and get the 2nd highest score. I was literally 1 move away from getting the #1 spot. I also finish the police academy game and put my Mexican name, Javier, on the list of commissioners.


The Chicago Chronicles – Day 3 – May 25, 2017


Today was a crazy day. It starts off with barely catching a train to get into the city. A train that only comes every hour. I just make it. I then am off to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play the Giants. The enemy of my enemy is sometimes still your enemy, but I wore a Giants hat to support California and since it’s easier for the Dodgers if the Giants do well right now. The giants were sadly without Bumgarner and the man,myth,legend,makes 30 minute brownies in 20 minutes – Hunter Pence. The giants lost pretty badly but the experience was fun. I wish the Dodgers could have been playing – LA represent. The stadium actually seemed pretty small. It is probably easy to catch a foul ball here than most stadiums. Some landed close to me and a lot easily went into the upper stands. I also talk to a nice old couple sitting to next to me so that’s also fun. I got to the stadium early so I was reading a book by Nate Silver and I was on the section on baseball stats, very fitting. Also, the organ player here was on point, I heard the Doors and that was enough for me.


[I’m bad at taking selfies]

After the game I didn’t have a whole lot to do and I was stranded in the city without a ride. I went to a coffee shop and later checked out a Mexican place. My standards are too high as a Californian so the Mexican food did not quite hit the spot.

I then took a bus to a bar called Emporium. They are a video game bar and I’m all about that. I played my favorite game Galaga and it was a lot of fun. I even got the 3rd and 4th highest scores. The AKP is for my initials and JAV is short for Javier, my Mexican name.


Apparently my friends were going to a concert with a band called Hinds (I had never heard of them). I didn’t have a choice as they were my ride so I went. I was pretty exhausted at this point but I made it through the whole concert. Damn, Chicago is all about the hipster life. The line for the concert was so long and people were really into the show. The first band was mhh for me, not my taste. I actively disliked the second band. And Hinds had a lot of energy and they were cool. I was just really tired so I couldn’t fully get into it.


Tomorrow marks the start of my stay downtown so I can see more of the city. Adventure awaits.

Chicago Chronicles – Day 2- May 24,2017

This morning I have a few hours in the city where my first meal is Dunkin Donuts and I see the famous “bean.” Then I go back to suburbia to help with an art show. I take a nap, watch Hasan Minhaj’s special on Netflix which is amazing, and, oh yeah, I quickly write some poetry because I am performing in the show. I get it together, do the poem, and that’s that. I feel like a work horse the whole night. I’m helping my friend with the art show at her house. Lots of work. The show was pretty cool. I have to say, Chicago is pretty hip. It is one of the most artsy cities I have been to.




The Chicago Chronicles – Day 1 – May 23, 2017

Well, can’t say too much about this city since I was flying most of the day. I watched Logan on the ride so I had that going for me.

“I got glocks, I got glocks.” I expected to hear gunshots as soon as I left the airport, but much to my surprise the city was pretty tame, although I could smell the corruption coming from Rahm Emanuel’s Office. This city has grit.

My friend picked me up and then we went to pick up more friends to prepare for an art show the following day. I am woefully underprepared because I mistakenly believed the art show to be a casual affair. Instead a lot of international artists and coming over and there is a catalogue and everything. To top it all off, I have to go first! I haven’t even written anything yet except for 4 lines on the airplane ride.

We eat some spaghetti and I meet my friend’s partner and friends – I have kept their names anonymous. One has buttered plants, one has done graffiti art in Europe. They are a cool group of characters.

We move some stuff from the art show including this tv which scares me. Don’t cheese me man. I don’t want to get killed ‘Ring style’ in Chicago. I at least want gunshot wounds to get street cred and launch my rap career.


Anyways we finish of the night with some Black Mirror, a show I usually hate because I like optimistic shows, but I actually really like the episode I watch (the one with bees). Off to a night in suburbia, excited to see the city tomorrow and see if I can come up with some bars.

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